Payment Gateways for the UAE

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I’ve been working with a new client in Dubai. We’re adding functionality to their website to accept credit card payments. Due to the many components involved, getting started for this can sometimes feel overwhelming. I’m publicly posting my research on … Read More


Five Ways to Increase Positive Website Results in 2015

With so many changes constantly happening with the way search engines are ranking websites, social media trends changing and even how website visitors are accessing the web it’s tough to keep up your website performing at its best. Here’s five … Read More


eCommerce via online shopping more appealing than ever

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The 2012 holiday shopping season is just around the corner; with “Black Friday” on November 23 and “Cyber Monday” following on November 26, Not Another Cliche can help ensure your eCommerce business is prepared. Due to the bad economy, 51% … Read More


Social Media Marketing (SMM) Mysteries Revealed

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If you’re wondering what the heck social media and social media marketing are, then this video is for you!


How to fix fading transparent PNGs in IE8

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The most exciting post ever added to the internet, this is not. After spending far too long searching for solutions that defeated Microsoft’s IE8 and it’s lack of web compatibility, however, I felt the need to post my solution in … Read More


Why we chose WordPress for our site overhaul

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Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, states that “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of (the mechanics of) Search Engine Optimization (SEO).” Because of this, the search engines love Wordpress sites. This translates to positive SEO results straight out of the box. Read More

SOHA the beach life

SOHA the beach life is a new apparel company based in South Haven, Michigan USA. They needed a fresh, clean, beach inspired website to launch their line. And that's exactly what we gave them.

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